Save Time With PowerShell And Azure Automation

    Posted by Ermin Mlinaric on Feb 21, 2019 12:56:36 PM

    Let’s imagine for a moment, that you work for a big multinational company, and need to produce reports of allocated Office 365 licenses; organised per user, per product and distributed across different business units for cost management, on a monthly basis.
    You might say it’s pretty easy to do. “Just export the list of active users from Office 365 Admin portal, make it pretty and send to interested parties!” we hear you cry - and you’d almost be right. Almost.

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    Posted by Stacey Donges on Dec 10, 2018 4:20:31 PM

    The first in the #Bytetruths (behind the scene) series


    What a year it has been for the Byte Family! You may all cringe at the descriptor of “family” when I speak about our team here but let me tell you, it’s most certainly an accurate one. There are the loud, fun loving brothers and sisters, the quiet and reflective, the straight shooters and the siblings that require a little more time to understand. There are shared meals, miscommunications, apologies, relationship building, celebrations and shared burdens.

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    Backup and DR in the Time of Hybrid Clouds (The Microsoft Way): Part Two

    Posted by Ermin Mlinaric on Dec 6, 2018 11:11:20 AM

    Part One: Azure Backup Server

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    Office 365 and Azure RMS – Part 1

    Posted by Pouya Koushandehfar on Nov 9, 2018 10:55:23 AM

    Following the previous post about Azure RMS and how organisations can have another layer of security over their sensitive and confidential data (Protect your data with Azure Right Management Services), this post will focus on how Office 365 services can take advantage of this security service.

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    Protect Your Data With Azure Rights Management Services

    Posted by Pouya Koushandehfar on Oct 1, 2018 11:47:34 AM

    Information is one of the most valuable assets any organisation can consider an important factor of a business goals and growth. Due to this, its integrity and confidentiality can have a direct effect on day-to-day business life, and can cause irreversible damage if it is disclosed or breached.

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    How Technology is Changing the Role of IT Service Providers

    Posted by Raghu Sunnadkal on Aug 6, 2018 12:23:08 PM


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    Windows Update Delivery Optimisation

    Posted by Paul Atkinson on Jul 20, 2018 9:36:34 AM


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    Why Every Organisation Should Consider Attending Global Conferences

    Posted by John Tunbridge on Jun 27, 2018 11:28:52 AM


    John Tunbridge, Product Development Manager, reflects on the benefits of attending industry conferences.

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    Backup and DR in the time of hybrid clouds (the Microsoft way)

    Posted by Ermin Mlinaric on Jun 6, 2018 12:03:00 AM


    Everybody knows how important backup is in today’s world, from your business and company data to your personal data, your contacts, emails, your holiday photos, even those secret grandma’s recipes. Backing up your personal data is a cheap and easy task nowadays, because cloud storage providers are competing to attract customers and so are constantly increasing their free and entry level offerings. It gets a bit trickier when it comes to protecting your business data, which will be the focus of this article.


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    People Are at the Heart of Byte’s Success

    Posted by Robert Roshan on Apr 6, 2018 1:28:19 PM


    This year, award-winning IT company Byte celebrates its 25th birthday. Executive Director and Founder Robert (Ramin) Roshan—who came to Australia as a refugee—shares how he created a successful digital technology company from scratch.


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