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Increase Your Practice Productivity 

OneSpace lets you use Zedmed anywhere, at anytime, quickly and securely 
$140 per user per month*

OneSpace is
fully integrated with

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*Excludes Zedmed licencing

Why Zedmed on OneSpace?

OneSpace is Byte’s solution for delivering virtual desktops and applications from the cloud.  In partnership with Zedmed, it can be used to securely deliver the Zedmed application and your clinic’s data to anywhere, at any time, and to any device. 

Don't let your patients wait

OneSpace is a fully supported solution backed up by an organisation with 25 years of experience in delivering IT solutions. Our expert support team is available 24/7 to ensure  IT support for your medical practice so you can deliver your promise to the patients.


Looking for a cloud solution that expands beyond Zedmed? OneSpace can be used to securely deliver email, Microsoft Office, Zedmed, and all your other applications and data together in a fully managed cloud desktop. Whatever your specific requirements, we have a solution to increase productivity in your practice.


hours we have spent working with clients across Australia and New Zealand


Clients that are using the OneSpace environment today


related software packages that are integrated with OneSpace

OneSpace has built-in compatibility with any Zedmed partners addins that you currently use or may use in the future. 

We've gone from hardware that was starting to fail and it was very slow to OneSpace. I was spending conservatively 10 to 15 percent of my week just fixing IT issues. Whereas now, I'm spending no time, which allows me to serve my clients better.

Darren Heveren

Darren Heveren

Managing Director at TGS Partners Accounting