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    "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." Michael LeBoeuf




    I am sure we have all read many articles on how to deliver good customer service, or how to build a customer centric focus to your offering/services. 


    But when I think of “Customer Centricity” I like to walk the talk and think of what it means to ME as a consumer.  Fortunately, that style of empathy has always been present at Byte.  So rather than me spruiking a number of statistics and percentage quotes from some boring website, let me explain a little about what good Customer Service means to Byte.


    Customer Service is not something that is new to Byte, in fact, Byte’s early success and growth was off the back of exactly that.  In 1991 before Byte existed, Robert (our company founder) and two of his colleagues, were providing very specific SAP support to JB Were & Son.  And after 2 years of good customer service Robert was able to re-invest in himself and his team, and establish a business called Byte.  Following those years, the only way for Byte (and many small businesses alike) to grow, is off the back of good work. 


     Good work that is worthy of praise. Without this key component, there is no unbiased way to show one’s worth in the industry.  Sure, we can create some great marketing material, we have some talented people in that team.  However, it will only get us so far.  It’s only designed to get us so far. 


    You don’t buy a brand-new car simply if Mazda has a great glossy brochure, or a flashy ad on Television.  In this day and age, we go straight to the internet in search of reviews from other people in the same situation as you.  This is where the game has changed.  Your comments – Good or Bad will steer (pardon the pun) the next consumer closer to their decision. 


    Some would say “it’s about a sustainable model”.  I would argue that you just need to believe in the model you want to implement.  This is the hardest part of customer service, and is something where Byte strives to be different in the market. We believe in continual customer service, not just the week after we sold something or during the delivery of a project but three months in, or two years in.  We take pride in talking about our long-standing customers, some of over fifteen years’ duration.   What matters to us is the continuity of good customer service.


    It’s what we all want as consumers, everywhere we go, every time we go somewhere.  Just think how infectious it is when someone is truly happy with a level of service they received recently.  It puts a smile on their face to be able to help recommend a service to a fellow consumer.

    You feel like you are giving them the inside tip on horse race that you already knew was going to win!    There is nothing better.


    Byte’s ethos for Customer Service is to “Walk a mile in their shoes”.  As individuals inside a business, of all ages, and all backgrounds, we have plenty of experience on what we class as good customer service.  We then apply our own expectations to Byte’s Customer Service engine, and make it all about the customer.  After all….that’s what we would want as a consumer.


    No fancy statistics.

    No fancy acronyms.

     Just people looking after people.  The natural evolution of retained business and customer appreciation will then follow as a by-product.


    The end result is a happy customer, and a proud business.


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    Nick Johnson

    Head Of Customer Service at Byte IT

    Nic's greatest strength is his loyalty to both the company and the client. He pushes to find solutions that offer aggressive ROI's for the client and minimal managment time on the companies behalf. His team is very important to him. Ensuring they are as happy and as enthusiastic as he is one of his main priorities.



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